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Why Choose Check 21 Solution?

  Ragini's Check 21 Solution enables users to achieve expedited check clearing by transfering the check information into electronic data file instead of processing physical checks. Ragini Check 21 Solution is based on Check 21 Act of US Government.  

The substitute check meets the Act’s requirements, and then it is the legal equivalent of the original paper check. A substitute check can be processed in the same manner as the original paper check. Parties cannot refuse to accept a substitute check that meets the Act’s requirements. “Parties” includes everyone: other banks, paying customers, depositing customers, consumers, corporations, Federal Reserve, processors, etc.

To facilitate check truncation
To foster innovation in the check payment system without mandating receipt of checks in electronic format
To improve the payment system overall
The Act creates a new negotiable instrument, called a “substitute check”
Check 21 Solution's Key Features
Create and send image exchange files to another bank or an image exchange network
Receive image files from another bank, or retrieve them from an image exchange network
Perform image validation and quality assurance
Provide for the handling of substitute checks (IRDs)
Conduct reject/repair processes on exchanged items
Process return items, Monitor and manage the entire image exchange process
Delete files, based on successful file receipt acknowledgments
Create status messages and reports
Maintain an environment secure enough to protect the confidential nature of the file data being transferred

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