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  Customer Complains Solution 

  This Customer Complains Solution is to record customer, employee and other operational complains and to plan & track action items & follow-up tasks. The goal of this software is to reduce the number of complains becoming cases.  

In the process of sales, there are bound to be disagreements between any two parties. The primary challenge of this process is then to:


 To identify, log, and track complains received

 To track case related activities


To meet the above challenge, our Customer Complains Solution lets you identify and log complains and ensure that the complains do not lead to case.

   Ability to log & track complains
   Log complain resolution & follow-up activities

Search Customer


One central place to track all complains

Resolve complains before they end up into case
Extensive reporting capabilities
Document storage and archival
  Key Capabilities  

Customizable solution as per your needs

Generate extensive reports
Web based solution
Documents storage and retrieval
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