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Check 21 Solution


This Check 21 solution is based on the 21st century act (Check 21 act). It came into effect from the 28th October 2004. It is used by the banks, brokerages, insurance companies, credit unions, utility companies and any one who needs to process lots of checks.

This software solution will enable users to achieve expedited check clearing by transferring the check information into electronic data file instead of processing physical checks.


   Ragini Check 21 solution has following challenges:

Transaction between Bankers and customers related to funds deposited and received
Payment reconciliation for the transactions completed electronically


Ragini Check 21 solutionís goal is to

Create a Cash Letter & Electronic Exchange File and transmit it to another bank
To receive payment and to reconciled it for each and every received payment from intermediate bank
To reconcile payment between what was sent for clearing  and what we received

Ragini Check 21 Solution

To reduce the time and cost to transfer physical check among the banks by transferring the electronic data file containing the original check information
Faster Clearing and Quicker access to funds
Streamlines the check collection and return process
Reduces clearing fees
Check-processing speeds should continue to increase
  Key Capabilities  
Create and send image exchange files to another bank or an image exchange network
Receive image files from another bank, or retrieve them from an image exchange network
Perform image validation and quality assurance
Provide for the handling of substitute checks (IRDs)
Conduct reject/repair processes on exchanged items
Process return items, Monitor and manage the entire image exchange process
Delete files, based on successful file receipt acknowledgments
Create status messages and reports
Maintain an environment secure enough to protect the confidential nature of the file data being transferred
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