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US Customs - Automated Commercial System (ACS)

  US Customs - Automated Commercial System (ACS)  

  Global Air Manifest System (GAMS)  

Global Air Manifest System is a web-based application that enables Freight Forwarders, Carriers, Container Freight Stations/Deconsolidates, and US Customs Brokers to successfully complete the transmission of inbound air cargo data through the Air Automated Manifest System (AMS), as well as receive notification or acknowledgement from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) of acceptance or rejection of their Air AMS filing, as required under the US CBP

Review of current processes relating to "Customer Identification" and "Transaction Surveillance"

Review of current transaction channels and intermediaries both in domestic and foreign markets

Documentation of the firmís policies and training

Clear definition of the firmís internal surveillance objectives
Identification of transactions that pose maximum risk to the firm from the money laundering perspective
Product Evaluation and Selection
Product Implementation and Integration with the custom built components

Ragini GAMS Solution Overview



SITA Integration

Up-to-the-minute status messages from Customs

Customs release messages before cargo arrives
Paperless in-bond arrival
Paperless manifest discrepancy reporting to US Customs
Paperless release, generated to ABI, sent to Air AMS participant
Container Freight Stations: Paperless authorization to transfer cargo from carrier to your facility
Airlines: Paperless in-bond authorization to move cargo to in-bond destination
Customs Brokers: help overseas partners keep client/consignee information confidential


   Key Capabilities  
eSetup: (Loads Master Data) Loads shipper, consignee, forwarder details Entry, posting, amendments, error etc. codes Airline, Flight information
eImport: (Importing Messages) Importing of message FFM, FSN, FSI, FER,  FSC.
eManifest: (Data related to AWB, Manifest, Flight) Enters data related to AWB, Data related to HAWB, MAWB, Manifest and Information related to Flight Departure
eDaparture: (Flight Departure) Send message to CBP relating Flight Departure, message FDM
eCustoms: (Submit AWB Information) Transmits the Arrival and Consignment details to CBP by transferring message FRI, FXI
eAmend: (Amendments to AWB) Changes in AWB are transmitted by message FRC, FXC AWB cancellation information transmitted by message FRX, FXX
eError Report: (Review Error) For reviewing error reports coming from CBP and related action mechanism, message FER
eStatus: (Inquiring Status) Send FSN messages to CBP for Notification Review imported FSN, FSI message
eAWB Status Report: (Air Way Bill Status) For request of Air Waybill status by FSQ For reviewing Status imported by FSC message
eFollow up: (Follow-up Communication) Stores all communication happening with CBP other than messages
eReports: (Wide Variety of Reports) Reports of AWB, messages, errors, master data Customized for needs in word or PDF format



  Global Sea Manifest System (GSMS)

Sea AMS allows participants to transmit manifests data electronically prior to vessel arrival. Customs can then determine in advance whether the merchandise merits examination or immediate release. Upon receiving notification from Customs, the carrier can make decisions on staging cargo and the importer can arrange for examination, release, and distribution of the merchandise. All of this can be accomplished before the vessel arrives.

Sea AMS allows you to communicate with other AMS participants, other government agencies, container freight stations, and non-vessel commercial carriers.


Ragini Sea Manifest System



Get electronic cargo release days before vessel arrival

Benefit from electronic arrival of a vessel at each port of call

Amend, delete, or re-add bill of lading data electronically
Participate in Paperless Master In-bond program
Receive electronic in-bond authorizations
Designate secondary parties to receive carrier status notifications: designate AMS service center, FIRMS location, rail carrier, truck carrier, terminal operator, or another ocean carrier
Transfer custodial bond liability electronically
Request and receive electronic authorizations for Permits to Transfer (PTT)
Receive notification of APHIS, other government agency, and Customs holds
Receive batch numbers with transmissions from AMS to enhance tracking ability

 Key Capabilities
Auto Arrival : Approved carriers can electronically arrive their own vessels at discrage ports
Secondary Notify Party : Carriers can designate, by SCAC or FIRMS code, up to two additional AMS participants per bill of lading to receive status notifications. They can update bills of lading with arrival and export data for cargo moving on a paperless master in-bond, and request permits to transfer electronically for in-port cargo movements
Port Authority Interface : Port authorities receive manifest information for AMS vessels calling at their ports, as well as bill of lading status reports. They receive information on in-bond bills enroute to the ports, reports of non-AMS shipment releases, and reports of hazardous material shipments transiting the ports
Paperless Master in-bond (MIB) Reporting : Paperless reporting can be done for Immediate Transportation (IT), Transportation and Exportation (T&E), and Immediate Export (IE) cargo movements. Additionally, participants can electronically update these movements with arrival and export data. Carriers approved as paperless MIB participants can transmit bill of lading and in-bond data and receive electronic authorization to move the shipment in-bond to a paperless destination port without preparing a CF-7512, Record of In-bond Movement


Issuance of "do not load" orders by the CBP, which could result in cargo being left behind

Fines on sea carriers (by which is meant the carrier identified by the SCAC) - US$5,000 for first offence and US$10,000 each offence thereafter

Refusal to issue, or delays in issuing, permits to discharge the incorrectly declared cargo, or even the entire ship

Liquidated damages for NVOCs (US$5,000 for each offence)
Global Rail Manifest System (GRMS)
Rail Manifest System provides ability to generate report and link into US Customs systems that automates clearance process for rail import shipments. The system provides Port authorities, Carriers, Freight stations and Service bureaus to participate in AMS. The software enables its users to simplify delivery and movement of cargo by railroads, trucks using the in-bond process.
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Global Automated Broker Interface (GABI)
Automated Broker Interface provides link into ABI interface. ABI is part of US Customs and lets participate to electronically file required import data with customs. This system is used by Carriers, Importers, Brokers, Customs house agents, Port authorities and Independent data centers.
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Global Automated Export System (GAES)
Automated Export System provides links and reporting capability to integrate with AES. This EDI enabled software lets users electronically file the Shippers Export Declaration information.
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